Moon LED Night Lamp

Moon LED Night Lamp

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If you love space or have a child afraid of the dark then this Moon Lamp will compliment your home perfectly!

This luminescent night light has been made to look like the moon with craters and rocks to simulate the surface of the moon. It has a built in rechargeable lithium battery and LED dual color light effect. A switch controls the brightness to create the perfect atmosphere.

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New LED light source, built-in rechargeable battery, touch switch, Promise dimming, two-color switch, support USB power supply

Light color: yellow and white color switch

Processing technology: FDM-3D printing one molding

Lamp wattage: 0.1w-1.5w

Surface accuracy; 12.5um

Life time: 6H-12H

Product material: edible grade degradable PLA

Product color: ivory white

Charging time; 3 hours

Light source: LED

Product power: 1W

Rated voltage: 110v-220v

Charging type: USB

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