Wear Your Hat: Featuring Rachel Daggett

The 12th Podcast featuring our 5th guest to the program - Rachel Daggett

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Rachel Daggett grew up in Alaska and went to Oregon for college where she met her husband of 19 years who studied piano. She dropped out of college to get married her 2nd year and converted to Catholic faith 9 years into marriage after a series of questioning led them to studying apologetics, how they viewed their children and the Church.  Their studies led them to embrace the fullness of the faith and they especially love the history and tradition, the understanding of the communion of the saints and the merit in suffering. Finding joy and ultimately the path to salvation in the pain and suffering of life, Rachel follows in the example of those who have gone before us to bring merit to her daily life at home with her 10 children. Life has been incredible and messy and beautiful! She has a love of learning which led her to homeschooling her children to become good people and faithful Catholics.

While in college, Rachel began selling Cutco and has since become a large distributor in Texas thanks to consistent hard work. Traveling on the weekends for vendor events for years while pregnant and having children had become very exhausting. Four years ago, Cutco began a new party program called Cutco at Home, which changed the way she sold Cutco and Rachel is now Cutco at Home’s National Sales Director!

She discovered that Cutco is the tool that we can use to bring our family together, show our children love and to teach them family history. Everyone wants to impact society and there’s no greater way to to do that than in our own homes. The housework will wait for us--the opportunity to inspire and impact other people won’t wait! Step out in faith and embrace the good, the beautiful and true in your life!

People live for Fridays, why not live for the Mondays?  Make everyday a great day. When you face hardships, put yourself on the Cross with Christ. Everyone will have sufferings to bear and they be can turned it into good and be a source of joy knowing that Christ turns all pain into beauty. Be grateful for the crosses.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Step out to the unknown and be bold. Believe in yourself!

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