Selling is a Calling and Serving is its Purpose with Wes Schaeffer

16th Podcast and 5th Guest to the Boni + Bella Podcast is Wes Schaeffer - The Sales Whisperer

A meteorologist in the Air Force, Wes served 5 years and began gaining interest in marketing and sales through social media. He took a bold step and decided to walk away from the easy money and provide for his family of 9 through sales and training.

Wes’ Dad taught him to have a good work ethic and be great at what you do because in business, companies will do what’s best for them at the time. He was crushed by companies who he thought would have his back, so he decided to put his future in his own hands.

Wes tries to help people to understand sales people and the key points to sales: Selling is a calling, serving is its purpose, questioning is the process and a sale may be the solution.

  1. Selling is a Calling--Do you believe that you are meant to do this? A good company benefits the shareholders by adding maximum value to the company by serving the needs of the most people.
  2. Serving is its purpose--If you’re really good at what you do, then you owe it to the marketplace to make it easy for them to acquire what it is you offer.  A good salesman would like to do a better job than his competition and isn’t cheesy, pushy or manipulative. A great salesman is a servant who finds a need and fills it.
  3. Questioning is the process and a sale may be the solution--Are you out there helping people get what they want? Understand the difference between persuasion and manipulation. When you are persuading someone, you have the customer’s best interest in mind. Wes tells of persuading his future wife the night they met and how much effort went into showering, ironing his clothes, and looking good so that he could persuade his future wife to dance with him. A good salesman must understand his role in the economy in order to beat the competition who might be manipulating. Feel strongly enough to get your message out.

How do you keep the balance?

Wes spent some time out of balance because it’s hard to just dabble--you have to be fanatical about your business. Just like when you have a baby, you lose sleep, worry about your baby and spend all your time tending to the baby! Here are some of his tips:

  • Keep the home front solid, always maintain good health and make time for what’s important.
  • Do something beyond the norm. Expand your window--it’s too easy to get into a rut.
  • Whatever problem you have, someone has already overcome it. Save the pity party. Find some help if you need it.
  • Double down on delegating, outsourcing, eliminating, automating.
  • Work on your business--learn how to hire, trust but verify. You can delegate authority but you can’t delegate responsibility. Hire someone, train them, supervise them and make sure the job is done right.
  • Don’t get bored with the details. As the owner you have the most passion and concern so stay plugged in, even if it’s a quick review here and there.
  • Don’t be afraid to hire someone--great people are out there! Reach out to people and they will respond. The world wouldn’t work as well if there weren’t so many great people.

How has your faith impacted your life?

Wes was raised a cradle Catholic and he never wavered. He went to Catholic school his whole life and went to mass every Sunday. He realizes that he has been incredibly blessed through his life of successful business, exciting travel and beautiful family. He began to study more about the Catholic faith after meeting a man on a plane who tried to convince him that the Catholic faith was wrong. If Wes doesn’t know the answer to a question about the faith, he will go find the answer.

Do good. Be kind. You are beautiful!

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