Men, Women and Marriage with Julie Alexander

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Greg and Julie Alexander are the founders of The Alexander House and have been married 30 years, have 7 children, and 3 grandchildren and 1 on the way.

When they met each other in college, they had no foundation in God and entered into marriage clueless.

They made every mistake in their relationship, and when they told their two kids ages 7 and 9 that they were getting a divorce, the kids held each other in the corner crying and shaking.

Greg and Julie were too hurt and selfish that they didn’t even notice their children’s pain. They went to a priest looking to get an annulment, and the priest asked them 3 questions: What is God’s plan for marriage? What does our Church teach about the sacrament of Marriage? What are the writings of St. Paul and various Holy Fathers regarding marriage?

They were dumbfounded and didn’t have any answers, but by the grace of God, Greg went home and began to research the questions.

God transformed their lives and they were down on their knees, asking for God’s help to deliver them from this evil, promising God they would commit their lives to working in some kind of marriage ministry.

Through their marriage disciple process, they have worked with 3,000 couples and all but 33 have come back to a happy and holy marriage. Over 10,000 copies of their book have been sold, and they know that seeds have been planted and God waters and grows marriages. Greg and Julie are here to give hope and encourage us by their witness and testimony of God’s grace in their marriage.

In our walk with God and in our Christian reality, suffering is a part of our life, but that is when we are closest to God and asking him to transform us.

They have recently begun new ministries catering to women and men:

Club 11 is a group of women who come together to support one another, pray together and turn to Mary for an example of what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Most women don’t know how to be a women, mother, or wife because the world tells us something different than what God tells us.

Gentlemen’s Club is named after the virtues of St. Joseph. Men and women need to become what God created us to be in order to have the marriage that He desires us to have. They work together in the marriages but also on an individual basis to challenge us to love like they’ve never loved before for our spouse.

Humans are in their own little communities, schools, workplaces, and their own marriages, which are the building blocks of society. When we go out into the world, prayer starts in our own hearts and we can share it with others. It’s easy to feel like we’re on an island when we struggle, but when we start sharing our heart, we recognize there are others with the same struggles. When we stop living in the fake world and open our hearts and show people we need prayer and community, it’s amazing the transformation that can take place. Be honest, know yourself and be real.

Greg and Julie’s daughter, Lauren, has a ministry called “Love You More” allowing teenage girls to know they have a dignity, a worth and a purpose that is only found in God, regardless how popular or successful they become. Lauren teaches teenage girls that their lives are worth God dying for, so she tells them not to sell themselves short, because the consequences can last a lifetime.

There is so much darkness and so many wounds in the world because the evil one wants to keep us away from God.

Add fasting to your prayer to root out the evil in your life!

Remember that we are not alone: embrace the suffering and know God is with you through it all. If you live out this cross and come to realize there’s joy, then share the beauty and goodness!

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