Learning to Be Kind with Steve Pokorny

#4 Podcast - Learning to Be Kind with Steve Pokorny

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Steve’s Dad was absent by the time he was 5 because he was afraid to take on the responsibilities of life. He wanted to shortcut the hard work of providing for his family and ultimately lost his family’s house on the stock market. Instead of facing the consequences, he decided to end everything. He went into the garage and half and hour later when Steve’s Mom pulled him out of the car, he survived but lived in a nursing home for the rest of his life. Steve relates to anyone with an absentee father intimately and knows how it can affect one’s psychology, especially as a young boy who should learn what it means to become a man. No father is perfect, but he should help the boy to discover his goodness and worth and give confidence in what a child can accomplish in life.  Faith in Jesus Christ has helped him to heal as well as counseling to help him journey to serve one another through kindness to see the value of the person in front of us.

Eli feels his life was very easy and maybe even too protected from hardship. He never went without financially and spent it mostly without suffering. Because of this he wants to give his family the ability to truly embrace appreciation and gratitude. Learn to put yourself in another's shoes and lay down your life for another. Jesus died for us and that was the most kind act of all time, so use that example and put yourself on the cross. Whether you are washing windows or are in the workplace, put yourself on the cross and make little ways to be kind to another person. Small acts of kindness will change the world.

There are many men shying away from true masculinity. Masculinity isn’t about lording over people or being dominant to the point of abuse of power, and neither is doing whatever everyone else wants you to do. So many people today have lost their true identity and they are seeking it in the wrong places. They are lost and don’t know how to find it. They might be afraid to change or are afraid of what other people are going to think and end up “being nice” to avoid being uncomfortable. Remember, if you don’t stand for anything you will fall for everything!  Our politically correct culture is everywhere. There is no such thing as “tough love”: you either love or not love. People are afraid to speak up to someone being rude and end up just letting it go over and over rather than putting their foot down and teaching their friends how to be good people.

Step out, try new things, and give to the world. It all stems from gratitude--cut out the noise, the media and give a true message. Kindness is doing what you’re supposed to do, and that takes a level of self reflection in the face of God and one another. Take some time in prayer to discover yourself. If you don’t have a relationship with God, if you don’t have faith, know that God deeply loves you and you are created to do an incredible act just by being yourself and opening your heart to transcendence; there is something more than what we see on this earth. Live your life with the beauty of God behind you will discover the Truth.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. People might reject your message, be kind anyway. Are you seeing the value of another person? Are you looking to make their day brighter? We are so fast paced and self-concerned, and are afraid to look into the eyes of another person to see his humanity. Give a smile; a start of friendship begins with a smile. These are the foundations of healthy relationships!  In marriage and family life kindness comes first. If someone is doing something truly harmful to themselves, we must establish a genuine connection with them to teach them what is good, true and beautiful for themself. Eli tells a story about a homeless man looking for food or money and instead Eli’s son gives him a holy card and tells him that God loves him. This is what we all need: a message of hope and to know that we are loved.  Share this message with your family and friends today!

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