From Death to New Life : with guest Abby Johnson, Founder of "And Then There Were None"

On the 19th Podcast, we welcome the 9th guest to the program, Founder of And Then There Were None, Abby Johnson!


Abby worked for Planned Parenthood as a Clinic Director providing family services and abortion. She worked there for 8 years and left after a live ultrasound guided abortion procedure where she watched a 13 week old baby struggle for his life against the abortion instruments. She knew then that there was humanity in the womb and abortion took the life of that innocent human being. After leaving, Abby started "And Then There Were None", reaching out to workers in the abortion industry to help them find new jobs, providing legal assistance, helping with transitional financial support, and with counseling and emotional support. Thus far 450 abortion clinic workers have left in the past 8 years, including 7 abortion doctors!

Abby frequently prays at abortion facilities, talking with women and their partners who are walking in to receive services. After all, she was once the abortion clinic worker being talked to from sidewalk counselors urging her to protect life. She tries to encourage and dignity of every single life by serving on the boards of Central Texas Coalition for Life and  the Guiding Star Project. Something that we can all do is to promot life to others by our own witness and example.  Abby is a mom of 7 with one precious adopted baby. She urges us all to become a pro-life advocate or activist--whether it be by speaking publicly or in your own personal circles of influences, including your children and church groups. We all know someone affected by abortion or who will contemplate abortions, and your words will spread the message of hope.

Sometimes God calls us to be assertive, especially in politics or boycotts when we must be bold, confident and aggressive. So often pro-lifers forget that we have the truth on our side, but we are worried about offending people by standing up for life. The people on the other side of these debates aren't in the least bit afraid of offending you. Christ didn't put us here to be popular--we are here to evangelize others and share the Gospel of Life. Sometimes you have to tell the truth in different ways: whether it is full of compassion to a group of post-abortive women or directly to a group of contractors working on a Planned Parenthood project. 

Abby told of how God works in the pro-life world with a story of when she hired a contractor to do work on the Johnson's kitchen. The contractor got to talking to Abby's husband about her work and stated that he didn't like Planned Parenthood!  Previously he had been working on a construction project and when he found out it was an abortion clinic, he and other men walked off the job, stating they were Catholic and didn't agree with abortion. He was nervous to quit, but God provided financially and he thankfully didn't have that job on his conscience.  Because protesters in his past had been brave enough to boycott and spread the word about how Planned Parenthood kills innocent lives, it has made a difference in public opinion and changed hearts and lives. God can turn anything in our past into something beautiful that will glorify Him. He loves to redeem lives and redeem friendships and He makes all things new!

A few years ago an opportunity to adopt was presented to the Johnson family with little time to make a decision. They knew they had to act fast.  Abby had thought they wanted to adopt through the foster system, but since there was a baby in need right then, God called Abby to say yes to the baby. God is so purposeful in our lives: their adopted son Jude is 3 now and no one loves being in the family more than him! If he were to stay in the situation he was in, he wouldn't have a father, and Abby loves to see how attached he is to his daddy. Unplanned pregnancies and unplanned situations happen, but put your faith in God and make the choice of life and he will bless you and provide for you. 

Please visit to find out more about And Then There Were None or to make a donation to help save more lives. On the website there is printable information to hand off to abortion workers and ways to contact the group for more information. Oftentimes prayer warriors on the sidewalk will mention the website and it empowers abortion workers to take the journey into their own hands. 

Pray that our country will end abortion! Be Kind. Do Good. You are Beautiful!

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