First Things with Mike Rodriguez

The 17th Podcast and 7th Guest to the Boni + Bella Podcast is Mike Rodriguez


Mike is a beloved son of God, husband, father of four, respected work colleague, and nationally renowned actor. 

Mike is a servant of God who loves the Catholic faith and has been on a stronger faith journey the past fifteen years. He is married 18 years this past March and has four children who help motivate him and his spouse to be better people. His children are 8 to 18 years old. 

Mike has a passion and love for acting since he was a teenager, while also being in the corporate world as a local executive. 

Mike, like many of my guests keeps his priorities in check - with God at the top, marriage, family, friends and work/career in that order. 

Mike maintains who he is wherever he goes, especially in his acting career.  With God at the center, and being raised with values of right and wrong, Mike is a leader in the community and leader in the acting world. 

His latest project, Death and Compromise, is a Western series in post-production as of last month. His team hopes it will be picked up for a second season. 

Mike feels the film industry has a bad reputation with regard to ethics and morals - Temptation is everywhere you where go  - sporting team traveling, in personal life, corporate world, friends out on the town - it will be there and recognizing who you are, and whose you are at all times is most important. Wherever you are - step up the prayer and pray "Lord keep me grounded". 

Mike knows that wherever he goes, he will make an impression, and he wants to make it the right one. He knows he represents God, his family, career and his Catholic faith everyday, all day. 

Mike lives an incredibly healthy and active lifestyle.  While working out his mind and body to serve God best, he also counsels young people on safe and effective fitness goals.  

This interview was a great conversation with a man of God, husband, family man with multiple successful careers and fitness guru.  I look forward to future projects with Mike and his family! 

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